Our work

7 May, 2018

Our approach


We started Abryd with little to no experience in the charity sector. A key principle for us has always been to seek knowledge from subject experts such as other local charities, rural entrepreneurs or directly from governmental organisations.All are projects are designed and run jointly with our partners to ensure funds and efforts are used effectively to improve children lives.


We are passionate about what we do, the way we do it and the people we are trying to help. We believe that the greatest impact we can have is to accompany and support children over the long term. Before starting each project, we ensure that we have enough time, expertise  and resources to dedicate to a boarding house.


Supporting a boarding house solely on donations is not what we are trying to achieve. We are continuously looking for innovative projects that can lead to self-sufficiency. An example of that is the bakery project we ran jointly with our partners to provide the boarding house of Tabant with a sustainable stream of income.

Our impact

Trekkers joined our treks

kilometers travelled across Morocco


Raised for boarding house projects